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Climate Asset Management

Nature is Capital

Climate Asset Management is a dedicated natural capital investment manager - a joint venture1 between HSBC Asset Management and Pollination - a specialist climate change advisory and investment firm. They see nature as the most fundamental form of capital.

Natural capital is the critical infrastructure of the world's natural assets that protects and supports life on earth. It includes land, soil, oceans, air, trees, plants, animals and the processes that ensure their health, protection and restoration. In other words, natural capital makes all life on earth possible.

Climate Asset Management acknowledges that nature is priceless – in mainstreaming natural capital in existing asset classes, they seek explicitly to value nature in economic terms.
Natural capital represents an opportunity for investors not only to generate long-term value from the finite and essential resources that support life on our planet, but also to manage them in a way that enhances those assets for future generations.
Climate Asset Management’s mission is to develop and deliver investment solutions that accelerate the transition to a net zero, nature and climate resilient future.

1. HSBC Asset Management owns a 40 per cent stake in HSBC Pollination Climate Asset Management Limited, trading as Climate Asset Management (as at [date]). Local HSBC Asset Management entities have been appointed as sub-distributor for CAM funds in certain locations

climate asset management - field of trees

Delivering scale and impact for investors in nature

Combining expertise in investment management and natural capital, Climate Asset Management offers investment solutions that generate long term risk-adjusted returns for investors and nature – enhancing ecosystems, protecting biodiversity and accelerating the transition to net zero.

HSBC Asset Management and Pollination support the offering to investors of a wide exposure to global natural capital themes in both emerging and developed markets including sustainable forestry, regenerative agriculture, and nature based carbon projects, alongside exploration of new forms of natural capital.

  • The Natural Capital Strategy aims to deliver long-term financial returns alongside improved environmental outcomes from regenerative landscape management in agriculture, forestry and environmental assets
  • The Nature Based Carbon Strategy targets landscape restoration in developing economies to deliver biodiversity improvements at scale for climate resilience, community benefits, and high-quality carbon credits with a view to enabling global corporations to achieve their decarbonisation targets

Visit Climate Asset Management website

Diversified investment themes

HSBC Asset Management and Pollination support the offering to investors of a wide exposure to global natural capital themes in both emerging and developed markets such as:

  • Regenerative and sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Environmental assets


Through their Natural Capital Strategy, CAM seeks to potentially deliver commercial, long-term returns and create impact at scale by protecting and restoring vital biodiversity.

Through their Nature Based Carbon Strategy, CAM aims to unlock the supply of high impact carbon credits for corporates and investors seeking to reach net zero.

The two investment strategies offer investors the choice of investing in nature to generate a financial return or to receive high-quality carbon credits.