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On the road to net zero

A vision to shape a sustainable future

The escalating impact and financial cost of climate change on economies, societies and the physical environment make it more important than ever for HSBC Asset Management to support our clients to invest in the development of a more sustainable world. Key to this is alignment with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius (target: 1.5 degrees) – a goal that involves reducing our own contribution to greenhouse-gas emissions as well as helping our customers achieve the same in their portfolios.


Erin Leonard,
Global Head of Sustainability

Moving beyond pledges means making clear and defined commitments, and tracking progress towards them. Our approach to climate investing puts us firmly on this path and we embrace the challenge of ensuring our clients’ money is managed in line with their objectives and considerations for positive environmental and social factors. We are determined to do our part by facilitating the flow of capital from investors to the businesses driving the transition to a more sustainable global economy

Critical years ahead on the road to net zero

The next few years will be crucial if financial institutions, corporates, investors, regulators, consumers and all other stakeholders are to help set the world on a course to reach net zero by the middle of the 21st century. Delivering on an ambition of this magnitude will require all of us to play a role. HSBC Asset Management is leveraging its expertise across sectors, regions and asset classes, as well as developing the capabilities to deliver on this ambition, and is doing so with a forward-looking approach. We know that failing to invest in the changes needed to move towards a carbon-neutral economy, or to consider the impacts these changes will have on society, risks our collective future.

Achieving our goal requires us to take further steps to ensure we have the people, processes and culture to drive sustainable behaviour. With more than 20 years’ experience in improving our responsible-investing principles, we aim to apply our approach across our entire business, in all geographies where we operate. The prospect for driving positive change is especially strong in emerging markets, where our local expertise continues to offer new possibilities even as technological change, social unrest and climate disruption gather pace.

With change comes opportunity

We see many new areas of growth for our investors as they pursue transition. We are continuing to build our investment capabilities in climate solutions, sustainable infrastructure, climate technology, renewable energy and natural capital. We are doing this to enable our clients to support these transition technologies with confidence.

The rapid pace of change, though, also risks disruption for vulnerable societies, and we must go deeper in our analysis to avoid unintended consequences. For the transition to be truly sustainable, our investments need to reflect our clients’ desire to consider the associated impacts on local populations. A just transition is fundamental.

Our mindset in climate investing spurs us to create innovative sustainable investment solutions to respond to the world’s challenges. It drives us to work with our clients, in response to their needs, to take the necessary steps to build extensive resources and expertise as part of the process of transition to a sustainable future.

Access our latest steps forward in net zero transition

Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

NZAM Initiative

We are proud to be part of this important initiative and contribute to an industry-wide effort to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.


Thermal coal policy

We will actively work with investors and company boards to support the transition away from thermal coal in the EU and OECD markets by 2030, and globally by 2040.

Energy policy

We support the transition of the energy sector towards the use of cleaner fuels, renewables and electrification.

  • Creare un nuovo clima per il cambiamento

    Creating a new climate for change

    As part of the fight against climate change, we are committed to cooperating with other asset managers and stakeholders in the pursuit of a more sustainable financial system.
  • Innovare per un nuovo futuro

    Innovating for a new future

    In line with the objectives of investors, we strive to contribute to positive change through a series of targeted and innovative solutions – from decarbonisation to real economic impact, and reduced climate-risk exposure.
  • Una transizione per tutti

    A transition for everyone

    Our vision is to help shape a sustainable world that is fair and inclusive through the framework of the ‘just transition’. For a transition to be sustainable in the long run, no segments of society should be left behind.