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Global Liquidity

With over 25 years’ experience in advising, executing and managing liquidity strategies, our specialist liquidity portfolio managers focus on active risk management, using the extensive expertise of our global credit research team.

Integrare i criteri ESG nei fondi di liquidità

Investimento responsabile nella gestione della tesoreria

With our global reach, we are able to offer Liquidity products in 11 currencies, applying our consistent investment process to emerging currencies where clients may not be familiar with the local market place.

What is Liquidity?

One of the key investment objectives of money market funds is to provide preservation of principal, by investing in a diversified portfolio of high-quality, short-dated money market instruments. Typically money market funds offer daily liquidity – investors can purchase or redeem their shares or units on a daily basis. This allows investors not only to access their cash when they need it, but makes money market funds a powerful tool for institutional investors for daily cash management purposes.

HSBC Global Liquidity Products Overview

Global Liquidity Funds Corporate Money Funds Domestic Capabilities
Global Currencies
Domestic Capabilities
Local Currencies
Segregated Mandates

Domiciled in Ireland

▪ US dollar
▪ Sterling
▪ Euro
▪ Canadian dollar
▪ Australian dollar
▪ US Treasury

Domiciled in Bermuda, these funds are feeder funds of the Global Liquidity Funds

▪ US dollar
▪ Euro
▪ Sterling
▪ Canadian dollar
▪ US Treasury

Funds managed to local requirements and only available to local domiciled entities

Euro (France)

▪ Prime
▪ Government

US Dollar (USA)

▪ US Government
▪ US Treasury

Funds managed to local requirements and only available to local domiciled entities

▪ Argentina
▪ Canada
▪ China
▪ Hong Kong
▪ India
▪ Taiwan
▪ Turkey

Customised portfolios can be tailored toward an investor’s specific requirements

Minimum size of USD100 million allows us to optimise diversification and enhance potential returns

Source: HSBC Asset Management as at October 2019. For illustrative purposes only. The funds presented may not be registered and/or authorised for sale in your country.

View full list of liquidity funds

We offer international AAA-rated money market funds

  • Aim to maintain a “triple A” rating from at least one recognised rating agency, currently:
            - Standard & Poor's AAAm
            - Moody's Aaa-mf
  • Highest underlying credit quality
            - Minimum A-1 short term rating per individual investment at time of purchase
            - 50% minimum in A-1+ for entire portfolio1
  • Dedicated HSBC credit research supporting all liquidity products

(1)A-1 rated instruments maturing in five business days or less are counted towards the A-1+ percentage, as historical default rates on A-1 paper maturing within five business days are similar to the default rates of A-1+ issuers.

Our Philosophy

Based on a conservative approach to security, liquidity and servicing, balanced against yield objectives. Our money market funds are indicative of this prudent strategy, where our primary responsibility to investors is to preserve capital and provide liquidity.

Our key credentials

  • Robust risk management: A prudent low-risk cash management approach with a detailed, considered set of investment policies covering all aspects of risk
  • Disciplined investment process: A structured and methodical globally consistent investment process designed to deliver its objectives, with a distinctive credit approval and limit setting process
  • Client focused: Investment and credit teams located in key markets globally, benefiting clients with their local market knowledge

Our commitment to Responsible Investing

  • We believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues can have a material impact on company fundamentals and performance over the longer-term
  • ESG issues are linked to opportunities and risks that financial markets may not be pricing appropriately
  • Therefore responsible investment is put into practice in three primary ways:
    1. Integrated ESG Research: ESG analysis is incorporated alongside financial analysis to quantify a company’s potential risks and returns over the longer-term.
    2. Active Ownership: We are active stewards of the assets we manage on behalf of our clients.
    3. Policy & Advocacy: We actively engage with regulators and policy makers individually and collectively with other investors on systemic sustainable investment issues.
Avviso di rischio

Non vi è alcuna garanzia che verrà mantenuto un valore patrimoniale netto* stabile. Gli investitori potrebbero non recuperare l'importo originariamente investito. Laddove vengono detenuti investimenti esteri, il tasso di cambio della valuta può anche far fluttuare il valore di tali investimenti. La performance passata è non è un'indicazione affidabile dei rendimenti futuri. Il valore degli investimenti può essere influenzato da incertezze quali sviluppi internazionali, politici ed economici. Possono anche essere influenzati dall'affidabilità creditizia degli emittenti degli investimenti o da movimenti avversi sostanziali dei tassi di interesse. Per informazioni complete sui rischi, leggere attentamente il documento di offerta.

* Si prega di notare che i fondi domestici francesi non hanno un valore patrimoniale netto stabile.